Weight reduction Before and After

Jennifer Lasher
41, 5’6″
Hauppauge, N.Y.
Before: 210 lb.
Dress size: 16
After: 135 lb.
Dress size: 6
Total pounds lost: 75 lb.
Sizes lost: 5

Growing up Italian, I had carb-heavy meals because the usual dinner fare. And while I exercised at times in senior high school and college, my weight would continually flip-flop: down a few pounds 30 days, then support 8 weeks later. After i married coupled with kids, any curiosity about going to the gym was gone; the baby weight never went away. By March 2013, I was 210 pounds, my highest ever, and it struck me which i would soon be 40, overweight and unhappy. And so i decided the time had come to drop the weight for good.

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