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Hollow Rocks: Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits

Hollow rocks are an exercise that may be popular across most strength, power, and fitness sports to develop a powerful and stable core. Proper midline stability and control allow us to withstand loading, resist rotational forces on

MusclePharm Core Series Creatine Review – How Pure Could it be?

MusclePharm is a Denver-based nutrition company that’s pretty well-known for their inexpensive protein powder?Combat Whey?as well as their Combat Crunch protein bars, so named because MusclePharm sponsors several well-known mixed mma fighters. We’ve tried lots of their

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom Announces Final Two Teams Rosters

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom recently announced their two final teams rosters for that upcoming 2018 CrossFit Games season. Over the last couple of months, athletes have wondered who would fill the 2 respective teams (Freedom & Independence) rosters

4 Benefits of Weighted Pull-Ups

In this short article we will discuss the weighted pull-up and also the specific benefits that it offers strength, power, and fitness athletes when it comes to back development overall performance. In an earlier article we discussed

Is Kratom a Performance-Enhancing Drug?

Kratom is definitely an unusual target in the War on Drugs. A family member newcomer to the American market, kratom hovers in the space between plant-based medicine and prescription medication, and while it’s often used as a

Survey Finds the Average American Spends Over $100k On Fitness In Their Lifetime

How much do you spend per month on your fitness? This could include things like gym memberships, supplements, equipment, meals, and so forth. Just a little on the week ago, the supplement company MyProtein posted an interesting

BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym Review

BodyCraft is a company that produces multiple pieces of home gym equipment. They produce things like treadmills, benches, racks, full body home exercise space systems, plus much more. What they may be possibly best known for is

Genius Brand Creatine Review – What's AstraGin??

The Genius Brand, because the name suggests, focuses more on nootropics than other supplement companies, meaning they focus on substances that may improve cognitive function. They offer about a dozen different supplements, from?branched chain amino acids?and?pre workouts

Dave Castro Keeps Posting Books, But they are They CrossFit Open Clues?

Thanks to Dave Castro and his continual pursuit of throwing athletes off, the CrossFit community is now familiar with nothing being easy. Whether it’s the CrossFit Open, Regionals, or even the Reebok CrossFit Games, there’s always some

Weighted Pull-Ups Without Belt/Dumbbell – In the event you Do Them?

In this article we’ll discuss the reasoning behind performing weighted pull-ups with and with no belt/with a dumbbell. Both methods (having a belt vs without a belt/with a dumbbell) offer coaches and athletes a way to overload